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Slendro, Sléndro, Weltmusik, Fusion
worldmusic. jazz. fusion. artist collective. 

The artist collective SLÉNDRO comprised of musicians Christoph Gisin and Jérôme von Allmen play original compositions. Their music is inspired through travels, discovery of new musical territories and joy of combined expressions. The variety of compositions,  shaped by Instruments and stylistic devices from Africa, Asia and Europe, intertwines with elements from Jazz and modern western music. Intercultural musical encounters and developments of new projects are crucial ambitions of this maturing artist collective. Interdisciplinary work with dance, literature and lyric shall open new dimensions to the collective. 

"The Way Things Go" - Video-Clip
Sléndro, Slendro, Band, Künstlerkollektiv, Weltmusik, Basel, Christoph Gisin

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